SageTech’s protected, flexible, disruptive solution

SageTech’s technology has been developed to provide a holistic market solution, adapted according to the two types of anaesthetic case – short and long duration:

Anaesthetic circuit with SageTech canister

1. Short case: the process is operated on an industrial, litre-scale for bulk capture, extraction and purification. A capture canister is placed between the anaesthetic machine and anaesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS) and captures waste anaesthetic gases (see diagram). The canister is then loaded into an automated extraction machine (which can be operated on-site in a hospital and takes a footprint of only 1m2) to extract the waste anaesthetic into a bulk container, which is subsequently collected and taken to a GMP facility for purification and bottling before batch release to be placed back on the market.

2. Long case: the process is integrated on a compact, millilitre-scale into an anaesthetic machine for recycling back to the patient. SageTech has also filed for patent a novel delivery system which reintroduces the anaesthetic agent back into the breathing circuit directly from the recycling system.

Industrial processing of bulk process

Capturing waste anaesthetic removes the need for the AGSS, which exists solely to extract and vent anaesthetic gases. The AGSS is an expensive and restrictive element of theatre design and removing it would allow any suitable space to be used as an operating theatre. This would bring about a new era in flexible theatre design.

In addition, the recycling anaesthetic machine can be used in areas that do not have an AGSS, such as ICU. Because ICUs do not have AGSSs, volatile anaesthetics are excluded from use there, but with SageTech’s anaesthetic machine, an entirely new market for volatile anaesthetics is opened up.

SageTech has undertaken extensive IP landscaping analysis which established freedom to operate and a strong proprietary position. Multiple international patents have been filed and are at varying stages to grant.

Primary patent – Improvements to halocarbon recycling methods and systems – WO2016027097A2.

Secondary patent – Improvements to the manufacture and remanufacture of volatile anaesthetic agents using supercritical fluids – WO2017144879A1.

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