Anaesthesia is expensive, wasteful and pollutive

Patients in the operating theatre metabolise less than 5% of inhalational anaesthetic delivered. The rest is exhaled, unchanged, and extracted to the atmosphere.

Global inhalational agent market value

The inhalational anaesthetic market is worth $1.2bn p.a. globally, and the market is growing at 3.5% CAGR.

However, inhalational anaesthetics are potent greenhouse gases (HFCs) whose emissions are not currently enforced under environmental regulations such as the UN’s Montreal Protocol and the EU’s F-gas Regulations because they are essential for medical use. Globally, the environmental impact is 2.2m tonnes of CO2e p.a.

SageTech has developed a patent-pending process that captures, extracts and purifies inhalational anaesthetic agents to reduce the cost and environmental pollution of anaesthesia globally.

Flexible application

SageTech’s technology can be integrated into the anaesthetic machine to provide recycling at point of use, as well as into the hospital workflow to provide bulk capture and extraction for recycling as part of the existing inhalational agent manufacture market.

This holistic approach ensures that inhalational agent recycling is a viable commercial proposition.

Find out more about SageTech’s technology, and its environmental impact.

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