SageTech’s Solution in the Clinical Context

Exhaled waste anaesthetic gases are captured in canisters attached to the exhaust stream of anaesthetic machines in theatre. SageTech is also developing the ability to capture from patients in recovery, thus improving the environment for staff and addressing current concerns that theatre and recovery staff’s exposure to volatile anaesthetic agents may breach Health and Safety Executive safe working environment limits.

Capturing inhaled anaesthetic agent from the exhaust

Captured waste agent is extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide using SageTech’s automated Extraction Machine. A single Extraction Machine is required per hospital and is located centrally to the operating theatres for convenient extraction of a hospital’s capture canisters. The canister extractions produce liquid anaesthetic (single agent or a mixture dependent on a hospital’s use) which is then transported in bulk to SageTech’s purification facility on an infrequent basis.

The environmental impact of the necessary logistics is minimised as SageTech’s Extraction Machine enables generation of bulk liquid raw material on the hospital premises. This operational efficiency is unique to SageTech and offers a much lower operational carbon footprint than other solutions.

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